The Philippines is made up of over 7000 islands and over 100 million people. The Philippines is very beautiful in parts but has a history of constant devastation by typhoons and earthquakes. As a result, poverty is rampant and is everywhere. In the cities people hoping to find a better future end up living in the most appalling slums. In the countryside, people often struggle and face hunger and lack of proper medical facilities.

Our project is designed to give people a way out from the vicious circle of poverty. We have been based in three areas of the country, Manila the capital, Visayas in the centre and Mindanao in the far south. In Manila we have given help to children in the slums, enabling them to attend school. In Mindanao we have focused on giving youngsters a college education that they could otherwise not afford.

College graduates have a much better chance of obtaining a good job, and subsequently being able to help their families. In Visayas we have also focused on giving youngsters a college education. This, in our opinion, is the best way to break the vicious circle of poverty.

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