Zahira came from a very poor family in North Africa. We sent her to film and graphic design schools. She has since been involved in the production of films that have been shown in Cinemas. We also sponsored her sister to do a beauty course and she now has her own salon in France. This is what Zahira wrote to us "para nosotros también eres un padre y aun mas que ya no tenemos padres eres la única familia que nos ha quedado. nunca olvidamos lo que haz hecho por nosotros.... gracias sabes todo le que haz hecho por los niños".
"Dearest Anthony and Lean, (ie The Children's Aid Foundation). Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. first I thank God for everthing he has done. Anthony, you are the biggest gift of God in our family I can't be like this and my sister without your help, maybe, our life now is miserable but God give us Big blessing and it is you. Now, my one dream was accomplish and thanks be to God that I can survive it, I know you and lean was proud, I am luck that there is a person like you that welling to help without any replacement, I share about you to my some friends how generous and good you are. I am very thankful to god,thank you for everything you've done, I know is not easy to trust people right now, but you did and I am one of them, my words THANK YOU is not enough for me to thanks to you.You're character and attitude it's give us inspiration, I don't know how to pay for you and I can't afford to it, but to finish my studies it will make you happy and proud,In my future hope I can see a guy like you, I believe that god has plan for me because of his promise according to jeremiah 29:11 Hope I can see you soon, I want to say thank you to you personally because without you i can be like this. you are my friends, bestfriend, and as a father also. May God grant you wishes, stay healthy, take good care. God bless you and your family. Love and Care JESSETTE" - Graduated successfully in accountancy in Philippines in March 2017